List of Various Wagering Types for Players

There are a lot of winning strategies and tips available in the industry today which online players can consider as they wage on their favourite games. These include simple and easy-to-understand variants which are best for beginners and those who want to play their wagers safe; as well as complex ones which require advanced wagering skills from experienced players. Still all wagering variants are great gameplays for any type of players to consider. Here are some of the best and most recommended types of wagers which will further explain how betting works.

Win Bet / Moneyline Wager

This is considered the simplest and most used type of wagering system in the industry nowadays. Both terms refer to the same variant, but Win Bet is the most common term used worldwide while Moneyline is used in some other regions and the United States. There are other regions which coined this wager type as Straight Bet, but it may sometimes confuse US-based gamers as this term is commonly used on a different wagering variant in their industry.

Players using Win Bet / Moneyline simply needs to choose the team or player who they think will win the match, game, or event. This is the most traditional way of wagering in most sportsbooks today since its mechanics are easy to comprehend - especially for novice wage placers.

Point Spreads Wager

Another popular wager variant used in the industry is the Point Spreads Wager type. This stake variant is commonly used in football games and is also known as Straight Bet in some parts of the United States. Point Spreads also cater to other high scoring sports games like basketball.

In this variant, players need to choose which team or player will cover the pre-determined spread. This spread is usually set by the bookmaker which also identifies the game's favourites and underdogs. The favourite depends on the deducted points, whereas the underdog relies on the given points. Thus, the spread determines the range of the given and deducted points which also decides the winner of the stake.

Players should understand that when they wager on the favourite, they must win with a margin greater than the spread size. Meanwhile, underdog wagers can win when less favoured teams win or lose with just less margin on the size of the spread.

This may be too complex compared with the simple Win Bet scheme, but Point Spreads wagering system provides different game and wagering styles for its participants.

Handicap Betting

Similar with Point Spreads, Handicap Betting also features the awarding and deduction of points from participating teams to determine different wagering options for its players. This wagering type gives players more opportunity to increase their chances of winning with stakes and reduce the given odds or improve their gaming odds but decrease their winning chances. Bookmakers usually offer various options for their players to wager on.

Prop Bets / Specials Wager

On the other hand, Prop Bets / Specials is perfect for those who are looking for more diverse wagering options and not just only determine which team or player will win the game. These include fun staking categories like which team or player will score first in the game, time of the first score recorded, how many players will reach the 20-point mark, which team will have the least fouls called, and many others. There are a lot of other props available in some game platforms which host this particular wagering type.


Futures/Outrights both describe to the same wager variant which allows players place their stakes on their favoured team or player even before their participating event starts. They can apply this wagering type in huge sporting tournaments and competitions like the US Masters in golf, French Open in tennis, Super Bowl in football, and English Premier League in soccer. They just need to wager on the winning team or individual to win the pot at stake.


Parlays/Accumulators wagering type allows players to place their single stakes in multiple participating teams or players. This variant which is also called multiples gives players the chance to win huge amounts of payout values at stakes with their multiple wagers.

However, all their chosen teams or players should win based on the correct selection initially set by the player. One wrong selection forfeits all other winning options and loses all played wager. Though, if they get all their selections right, then they get rewarded with multiple winnings as well. Players can choose at least two teams or players with standard parlays/accumulators.

Progressive Parlays

Meanwhile, Progressive Parlays is another parlays variant which allows wagering in multiple participants but with a lower risk of losing all played stakes. Compared with standard parlays, this wager type is more flexible and still allow its players win varying payout values even if one or more of their selections are incorrect. Though, this results in reduced payouts credited to the player. This is how betting works in Progressive Parlays wherein players need to play at least four selections to proceed with this wagering system.

There are also sports-specific wagering types available in the industry today. These include selections like Run Line for baseball, Grand Salami for hockey and baseball, Correct Score for soccer, and Puck Line for hockey.