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With the top of the industry as its goal, Betfair has continuously managed to improve its entirety and serve customers their online waging needs. It is already considered to be part of the upper echelon of the betting industry and one of the giants when it comes to activities within their site. Due to their outstanding performance, they are able to gain a stable increase in customers each time which only leaves us the impression that sooner or later, they might actually grab the top seat in the industry.

Betfair initially played the role of exchange within the waging industry. It was established on the year 2000 on the United Kingdom and now, it even upgraded to being a top bookmaker in the industry, serving their wide array of gambling products. From its advent, it drastically improved immediately and by 2003, it even managed to gain itself a prestigious award from Queen for their Enterprise. Due to this success, they were able to expand their territories within the industry at that same year where they guaranteed their expansion by getting themselves some reputable licensures with Malta as its initial step.

A Betting exchange which Betfair serves their customer with allows the users to become a bookmaker and the punter themselves. The site does this by giving an environment that resembles a marketplace where the members themselves are the ones who sets the odds for various events. The company has also added that the odds of winning in this type of exchange is higher than the normal bookmakers you see. Of course, they are still the ones in-charge of declaring the winners and from there, they gain their commission from the winning cash.

What makes Betfair a great choice for sports wagers is that it has a plethora of games served with tons of bonuses and promotions. You could even access it through their mobile app which makes it stand out from the crowd.

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