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It was in 2000 when GoldBet started its operation; it was first launched in Austria where online bookmaking is legal. Since then the company had progressed and became one of the most successful online bookmakers in Europe and Beyond the Bets. Due to its success, the site has become more popular and many players from all over the world flocked online to pay a visit and started gambling at their own pace. In line with this, the site uses 9 different languages including 7 European, Chinese and Brazilian. This only shows that GoldBet has been serving customers across the globe.

Its unique website design can attract more players; one of its interesting features is to provide an option to the players to change the theme from daylight to nighttime depending on how they want to see the site. But for players who are not particular with themes, they can always choose the auto option which enables them to see the site in a natural setting.

Another thing is that the site offers straightforward betting options which maximize its usability. The site highlighted six sports which include baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and formula 1. But you will discover other sports in our sports betting advice section, where plenty of handy tips can be found. American football, Cycling, golf, rugby, sailing, swimming, ice hockey and other winter sports are also available. However, they don't usually offer odds in many markets, only the selected ones. Also players don't have an option to bet live or watch the game through live streaming which is considered as its biggest drawback.

It's not a secret that this game was originated in Europe, and this must be the reason why American players are not accepted despite of the fact that American football is being offered in the site. It's ironic isn't it?

But despite of it's not too hot options, many players who have tried visiting their site turned out very satisfied. Some of them said, it may not be the best site, but everything is perfect. They haven't experienced any problem or issues especially when it comes to withdrawing their winnings. As one of the best sportsbooks, they offer a list of payment options available and processing time is in accordance to the company's standard.

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